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Mr. Leone Named Teacher of the Year

Mr. Leone Named Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Martin Meylin art teacher Ed Leone, the 2024 Teacher of the Year! 

2024 Teacher of the Year Ed Leone and some of his 2023-2024 students

Each year, the Lampeter-Strasburg school community honors an exceptional educator as the year's Master of Pedagogy or, put more simply, Teacher of the Year. This year, the award went to Martin Meylin Middle School's Edward Leone, who has taught art at the middle school since 1999. He received the award amid a standing ovation from his co-workers, distinguished guests, and past teachers of the year, accepting it on behalf of everyone who has supported his teaching effort, "who have given me the tools to be successful and fulfill my true calling, which is to help students learn." 

For the past 25 years, every Martin Meylin student has had art class with Mr. Leone during the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. The school's principal, Mrs. Alicia Kowitz, explained the magic of Mr. Leone's art room in this way:

"In his classroom, art education rises above the boundaries of textbooks and becomes an adventure and discovery of one's self. His classroom is not just a space for paint and crayons, clay and colored pencils, but is a safe place for personal growth and the empowerment of students to believe in themselves and embrace their talents. In the art room, every student is valued, respected, and celebrated for their unique gifts and contributions, regardless of how they view their own abilities. One of Mr. Leone's favorite things about middle school students is the unparalleled energy they manage to bring each and every single day. Mr. Leone shared that he feels blessed to shape young minds and witness the growth they make in their three years on their journey to young adulthood. The opportunity students are provided to create something that is truly their own is what keeps him going."   

In addition to his duties as an art teacher, Mr. Leone wears many other hats at Martin Meylin. He oversees the scenery design and production of yearly school musicals, hosts student teachers (a total of 15 so far), runs the photo booth at school dances, and serves as advisor to the middle school Student Council. He also serves as a ray of sunshine to students and staff at Martin Meylin, always choosing to find something for which to be thankful. If you've met him, you know. 

Congratulations, Mr Leone!!


High Schoolers Honor Mr. Leone with Chalk Drawings

At the annual LSHS Clash of the Classes field day, former art students from each grade used their considerable talents to create sidewalk art in Mr. Leone's honor. Their work included callbacks to classic middle school art projects and lessons, and ninth graders included one of Mr. Leone's favorite quotes - "I can't do it . . . YET." Thank you to Mrs. Lau and Mr. Cantrell for this great idea!

Chalk Drawings: (clockwise from upper left): Class of 2025, Class of 2024, Class of 2027, Class of 2026

chalk drawings made by L-S students of Mr. Leone
chalk drawings made by L-S students about Mr. Leone