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Teachers Receive Grants from School Retirees

Teachers Receive Grants from School Retirees

Doc Bratton from PASR delivered good news to five L-S teachers in the form of educational grants.

Decked out in his trademark top hat and bow tie, John "Doc" Bratton, grant chairperson for the Lancaster County chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees (PASR), visited Hans Herr Elementary School and Lampeter-Strasburg High School on Monday, December 11, to award grants to teachers.

Hans Herr Elementary School

Two teachers are awarded grants

Jennifer Risser and Cindy Baker receive their grants

  • Cindy Baker - Mrs. Baker will use her funds to support the third-grade garden project
  • Jennifer Risser - Mrs. Risser will use her funds to support the fifth grade's 4Cs project. 

Lampeter-Strasburg High School

Three teachers are awarded grants

Todd Garber, Angela Kunkle, and Scott Cantrell receive their grants 

  • Scott Cantrell - Mr. Cantrell will use his funds to purchase a laser cutter. This 21st-century tool will be utilized for engraving and cutting wood blocks for printmaking. 
  • Todd Garber - Mr. Garber will use his funds for a design engineering class project in the spring semester. The class will create small businesses and manufacture, market, and sell candles, with proceeds benefiting the Ryan N. Smith RelentlesS Fund. Watch for a story about the fall semester's journey in the next few weeks. 
  • Angela Kunkle - Mrs. Kunkle will use her funds to purchase a subscription to StoryBoardThat to provide English language learners with a digital platform to show, using visuals, what they know and understand. 

Thank you, Lancaster County PASR members, and congratulations to this year's grant recipients!